About The Airpush Mobi Product

The Mobi product allows you to support publishers to provide free content through sharing and analyzing data collected through your device.
A few of the purposes for which data will be analyzed is to allow advertisers to provide you with more relevant ads through segmentation and retargeting,
conduct market research and predict trends, better understand consumer behavior, and prevent fraud.

Airpush does not collect any personal information that identifies you, such as your name or address.
Airpush only collects a hashed version of your email address, a format which does not allow us to view your actual email address or send you an email.
Airpush does not associate identifiers it collects with sensitive information, such as race, religion, health, employment, or financial information.
For more information, visit our Technology Privacy Policy.

  • Device Settings
  • For devices opted-in to the Mobi Data Marketplace, you may signal your desire to opt-out through your device settings.

    The location of this setting may vary based upon your device 1

    Settings or Google Settings - Ads - Select the option to "Opt-out of Ads Personalization"

  • Manual Opt-Out
  • You may also opt-out by entering the Google Advertising Identifier (Google Ad ID) of your device. The location of this identifier may vary based upon your device.

    Settings or Google Settings - Ads - Your advertising ID

    Please be very careful in copying your Google Ad Id and subsequently entering it into the form below.
    Any errors in transcription or data entry will result in your desire to opt-out not registering in our systems.

    If you reset your advertising ID after opting-out, you will have to opt-out again using one of the methods described above.
    For more information on our data collection, use, sharing, and your choices, visit our Technology Privacy Policy.
    We recommend doing a web search for "[Your Android Make and Model] Opt out of Ads Personalization" to find the specific location of this setting on your device.